Deirdre Wilson
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Out of the Blue  with Deirdre Wilson

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NRDC (National Resource Defense Council) Event at the Laemmle Theatre, Santa Monica on 5/18/10. Photos ( L-R ) Deirdre Wilson and Robert Kennedy Jr.,

Richard Dean Andersen, Deirdre Wilson, Robert Kennedy Jr.   Event to stop the pebble Mine in the pristine Bristol Bay, Alaska.  The construction of this mine would be environmentally devastating to one of the last untouched areas of North America.  Help to preserve this land for our children, go to


Deirdre Wilson Hosts and Produces the Out of the Blue show on Internet Radio at Ch. 2, LIVE every Thursday at 2pm PST (5pm EST). The show is heard around the world!

After the live airing you can always listen and/or download any show at any time at

Out of the Blue focuses on Animals, the Environment & Spirituality.  What Deirdre refers to as, “Positive Media for the Betterment of the Planet!”

Her talk show began on Los Angeles cable television in the early 90‘s and took on a “Higher Purpose” inspired by author and lecturer, Marianne Williamson, with the idea that you can bring your spirituality into whatever work you do and serve the planet. This is when Deirdre asked herself, what subjects were most important to her, so that she could make a positive difference in our world.     

Deirdre's answer was....a deep love and compassion for animals, concern and appreciation for our beautiful planet, and her innate sense of her spirituality.

Deirdre’s desire is to improve life for all living things and remind us of our spiritual connection with one another.

Out of the Blue Contact: 310.428-8128 

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