Deirdre Wilson
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Posted comments on why Deirdre should have her own national show:

kasperdeb3535: Deirdre Wilson is awesome.  She is the real deal.  She truly loves this planet and spreads love and hope everywhere she goes.  And what a talent!

betsybu: Great job! The world needs more positive people like you. Your show would be a must see!

shadow007:  Inspirational, needed updated view on what is really going on from someone who shows truth from her heart.  Definite watch!

samnday: I have known Deirdre since grammar school, she will not disappoint. Great audition.  Best of luck!

theblondejd: Great audition! Where can I see your current show?

annie54t: Like the concept of your show! Good luck!

ckuipers: This is a show whose time has come!

thewolfkeeper: Great job! I like your show concept.

donolangley:  Very good.

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